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      Donation is not just about giving.  It is about making a difference.   


The Home, is a Non- Profit Organization registered with the Welfare Department under Regn. No. A/P JB WT 020/2021 and provides shelter to scores of homeless and abandoned elderly folks regardless of race and religion. This Home is depending entirely on public donations for its running expenses. All residents in the Home stay free of charge and are provided daily meals and medical care. 

Block A and Block B were built in 1998 and 2002 respectively. An overhead bridge connecting the two buildings was completed in 2009 . There is a need of major repairs to the buildings due to wear and tear. We need to raise a minimum sum of One Million Ringgit to cover the estimated expenses.

We appeal to your generosity and kindness to support this project. Your invaluable help will bring a million smiles on the faces of our Residents and help them live with dignity during their twilight years.

All donations above Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred will be given a Tax Exemption Receipt under Tax No. JHDN 01/35/42/51/179 – 6.0387 L.N No. 362.


As part of Fund Raising, we are launching an "Adopt a Resident Programme" whereby Organizations/ Benefactors can adopt residents for RM500.00 per month. The tenure can be monthly, half-yearly or yearly.

The obejective for this programme is to defray the running costs and maintenance of the Home. 

All adoptions will be acknowledged by Official receipt or Tax Exemption receipt.