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The Home for the Aged (CWS) had its beginnings in 1952 when the late Rev. Fr. Anthony Khaw founded the Catholic Welfare Services (CWS). With approval from the Government, the original home, a single storey wooden plank and asbestos-roof building was built to bring relief to many needy residents of Kg. Simee. Religious Brothers from Brothers of Mercy order provided basic medical care to the residents earlier but left later to establish Hospital Fatimah in Ipoh Garden.

As the need arise, the permises developed into a home for the homeless and abandoned old folks where care was given by the Litttle Sisters of the Poor. When the Sisters left, CWS continued to run the Home. It has more than done its duty over the years and the Home is now replaced by two new blocks of 3-storey bulding connected by an overhead pedestrian bridge with its up-to-date amenities. This would enable the Home to take in more homeless and abandoned old folks who would otherwise be turned away, a decision that is as painful for us to make as it would be for those rejected to accept.

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As always, the Home is open to all deserving cases regardless of race or religion and will continue to be run by the Caring Ministry of the Catholic Welfare Services, Malaysia with support from Titular Bishop of Penang. It is a Non-Profit Organization, registered with the Welfare Department and provided shelter for scores of homeless and abandoned elderly folks. All residents in the Home stay free of charge. The Home is maintained and run on the charity of the Community. Contributions and donations in cash and kind by the caring and generous Public have helped us to help the aged.

We provide a clean, tidy and comfortable home where the poor and lonely aged residents can spend their twillight years with some degree of dignity. The Home not only provides food and shelter but also love and care.


To be the best Home for homeless, abandoned elderly folks where basic food, shelter, clothing are provided togehter with tangible love, affection and tender care.


To be a Home for homeless and abandoned old folks regardless of race and religion.

To help the elderly folks spend their twillight years gracefully, usefully and with some degree of dignity.

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